Delaware Federation of Housing Counselors, Inc.

About Us

The Delaware Federation of Housing Counselors

Our mission is to serve as a united, cohesive partnership of housing and financial professionals statewide who provide tools, education, and resources focused on improving the quality of life for the communities we serve.

Our team includes a wide variety of leaders and qualified professionals throughout the State of Delaware with expertise in real estate, personal finance, financial planning, mortgage lending, housing market analysis and more, as well as local, state and federal laws and programs pertaining to housing. Our team members, pictured below, all share an interest in promoting homeownership and financial literacy as a means to strengthening our communities, one home at a time.

DFHC Team Members: (Bottom Row Left to Right) Jackie Milton, Shannon Payton, Marilyn Ramirez, Marva Wood, Gladys Spikes, Carmen Ortiz. (Middle Row Left to Right) Eve Ramos, Rosa Rivera, Tracy Spriggs, Denise Freeman. Debbie Andrews. (Back Row) Grace Wilson, Carlton Bowers, Gregory Handy, James Burke, Nathaniel Horsey, Albert Lindsay, Ana Suarez, Tomeka Crawford. (Not Pictured) Deborah Copper, Jill Dempsey, Karen Garrett, Lynn Wiley, Valerie Malone, Arlisa Howard, Dorothy Sharpe, Stephanie Winder,Sharon Cephas, Lucia Campos, Brenda Dryden, Joann Carroll, Sharee Cole, Devon Degyansky, Kelly Knotkowski.)"

As a federation, we are not only a resource for current or potential homeowners, but also serve as a connection between the many organizations and individuals who provide housing counseling throughout Delaware.

Our Services


Pre-Purchase Counseling addresses issues that may prevent or delay affordable mortgage financing...

Foreclosure Prevention

There are many ways a housing counselor can help you avoid foreclosure...


Financial Literacy

Improving financial literacy helps you manage your money today, while planning for tomorrow...